All charges dropped against inmate in Knox beating case (via WBIR Staff, WBIR)

Louis Flack

A judge dropped the last charges against the inmate at the center of a Knox County Jail beating investigation.

Police originally arrested Louis Flack, 52, for burglary and aggravated assault. In November 2014, jailers beat Flack as they tried to move him to another cell.

A judge dropped the felony aggravated assault charge against him on Thursday. A week before, a judge dropped Flack’s burglary charge.

The judge dropped Flack’s assault charge with one condition: There can be no more altercations between him and assault victim, his brother. If there is, then the state could bring the charges to a grand jury and attempt to revive the case in criminal court. Flack’s brother failed to appear in court.

Flack has been at the center of many local news stories since November after surveillance video recorder officers beating him in the Knox County Jail.

The 9-minute video released by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office shows five officers rushing into a cell as Flack appears to swing a punch at one of them. Next the officers immediately tackle Flack to the ground, and at least four of them started throwing punches. Officers eventually handcuffed Flack and took him to the hospital.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office fired corrections officer Nick Breeden after an internal investigation revealed that the men used “techniques that violated policy.” Corrections officers Jesse Rudd also resigned after the incident. The Sheriff’s Office disciplined the two other officers for the incident.

“We were pleased with results of the case and my client is looking forward to putting this behind him and moving forward,” said Flack’s attorney Lance Baker.

Flack’s attorney has told 10News he may file a lawsuit against Knox County and the officers involved.

One of the officers involved in the beating, Chris Fustos, has recently filed a lawsuit against the county.

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