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"Helping Hands"

Lance helped my brother when he was severely beat by the officers at Knox Country detention facility and My family and me will always show him favor

Monnie, November 9, 2022


"Couldn't of asked for better"

A very comforting lawyer. He's understanding with payments and very helpful. He has done wonderful on my ongoing case, he will definitely be a lawyer I return to if ever needed. Couldn't say one bad thing about him.

Taylor, November 9, 2022


"Highly recommend"

Lance went above and beyond on my case, and he definitely exceeded my expectations. He was very thorough, not allowing anything to fall through the cracks. He was personable, yet professional and clearly knew what he was doing. I never once felt like he was judging me, and I believe that he genuinely wanted to help me reach the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend him.

Anonymous, August 22, 2019


"Lance is a great Attorney who is not scared to take on Sevier County he is against the corruption."

I hired Lance to represent me on a criminal case after he had taken a Civil Rights case on contingency against Sevier County. He understands corruption and is not scared of ANYONE! The Civil Rights case of course was counter-acted with a very difficult criminal case against me by a very high profile political figure within my County. I hired him because he had a very good track record against elected officials. I have to say that his plan was a good one. After much litigation on his end with the prosecution and the judge there was not much evidence against me and he burned that into their minds, and in the end it worked out really good. My point is this if you are going to hire an attorney and you are in trouble in Sevier County or anywhere Lance will take care of you. I can't get on here and give specific details of my personal cases. But I will tell you this man will even talk to you on the weekends even on Sunday with that being said what Attorney is going to talk to you on a Sunday? I highly recommend Lance Baker. I am posting this review anonymously as I myself am a public figure and do not want the attention. But take my advise. Hire Lance and he will get you the best outcome for any situation. Lance, Thank you for your continued work. My case is now over and he is still working to improve the outcome for me and now he is my family Attorney. I trusted him with my life and now the only reason I am able to type this review is due to taking his advice. He won't let you down.

Anonymous, August 16, 2019


"Great attorney"

I was going to obtain mr. Baker as an attorney but due to circumstances beyond My control I was in another state and mr. Baker had sent a letter to my former residence wanting to proceed with my case and unfortunately for me I did not receive the letter in time… But I know a great attorney when I see how one presents themselves in an professional and knowledgeable manner! Do not make the same mistake I did and miss out on the proper representation you need!!!

Chad, January 12, 2019


"The Man"

You'd be hard to find a better lawyer in Knoxville. Lance had me from the get go. I violated probation 4 times, picked up felony charges twice. He got me off everything as well as only ending up with 30 days in jail. Anybody else would've had to sit for years probably. As well as being a cool dude he's great at what he does.

Anonymous, May 23, 2017


"Extremely professional"

I have known Lance Baker for a number of years and he always has my best interest in mind. I have hired him and consulted with him on countless occasions and he has always provided me with professional first class service. He is extremely knowledgeable and eager to get to work. Whether it is a case big or small, be sure to give Lance Baker a call.

Scott, February 3, 2016


"Nothing Less Than Superb"

I'm from a metropolitan area and of course coming to southeast Tennessee has been a bit of a culture shock. I did a Google search praying that I found a super attorney to fit our needs and work as thoroughly and expeditiously as possible. When I walked into Lance's office I didn't know what I was getting into. Let's just say, within a matter of 2 hours, he was calling me with information on the criminal cases we were fighting. Long story short, our case was closed within 2 months. Not only does he go above and beyond, but this man is ridiculously strategic in his methods so trust his decisions. I sincerely appreciate all he's done and will continue having him on our team and you should too. Thank you, Lance.

Janessa, December 8, 2015


"Great attorney"

Great and very professional attorney, he listens and understands the case. He will do what it takes and he's very honest. Thanks Lance I would recommend this attorney. All the time

Anonymous, November 26, 2015


"Thumbs up, fist bump, Awesome guy!!"

I would totally recommend Lance to anyone. He took the time to listen with true care and concern. Then basically made the impossible, possible. Considering the circumstances, he didn't have to give the effort he gave but he did anyways and for that I give him give stars! Also he is friendly, personable, and professional all in one. Lance Rocks!!

Misty, August 21, 2015

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