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In the aftermath of an accident, insurance adjusters typically try to resolve accident claims quickly. The dollar amount may look fair and you will be tempted to sign, but even if you don’t think you were hurt you should always talk to a lawyer before you sign anything. It may be months before you really know the true extent of your injuries. The insurance company is very good at assessing short-term expenses and notoriously bad at estimating long-term, ongoing costs for therapy and treatment. At The Baker Law Firm, we make sure that you get fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages and all future treatments resulting from your accident.

If you suffer serious injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or careless act, you may recover economic, non-economic and punitive damages depending on the circumstances of the accident. Economic damages include things like medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle. Non-economic damages include compensation for your pain and suffering. If the accident was caused by a particularly flagrant careless act, the court may also award you punitive damages to punish the defendant. Punitive damages are awarded in addition to the economic and non-economic damages.

Helping Victims Of All Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

We represent people involved in motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • LINK scooter accidents
  • Collisions with semis or commercial trucks
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death

The statute of limitations for filing a motor vehicle accident in Tennessee is one year from the date of the accident. If you believe you may have case, we encourage you to contact as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the easier it is to gather evidence and build your case.

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The Baker Law Firm serves clients across East and Middle Tennessee. Our founding attorney works not only to win financial recoveries for his clients, but just as importantly, to help them recover their lives. We can help you get the compensation and justice that you deserve – call NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION!

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