“Lance is a great Attorney who is not scared to take on Sevier County he is against the corruption.”

I hired Lance to represent me on a criminal case after he had taken a Civil Rights case on contingency against Sevier County. He understands corruption and is not scared of ANYONE! The Civil Rights case of course was counter-acted with a very difficult criminal case against me by a very high profile political figure within my County. I hired him because he had a very good track record against elected officials. I have to say that his plan was a good one. After much litigation on his end with the prosecution and the judge there was not much evidence against me and he burned that into their minds, and in the end it worked out really good. My point is this if you are going to hire an attorney and you are in trouble in Sevier County or anywhere Lance will take care of you. I can’t get on here and give specific details of my personal cases. But I will tell you this man will even talk to you on the weekends even on Sunday with that being said what Attorney is going to talk to you on a Sunday? I highly recommend Lance Baker. I am posting this review anonymously as I myself am a public figure and do not want the attention. But take my advise. Hire Lance and he will get you the best outcome for any situation. Lance, Thank you for your continued work. My case is now over and he is still working to improve the outcome for me and now he is my family Attorney. I trusted him with my life and now the only reason I am able to type this review is due to taking his advice. He won’t let you down.

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