Lance Baker Attorney
Criminal Defense
Honored in 2022 as one of Knoxville’s top Civil Rights attorney by Cityview magazine in DUI Defense, Constitutional Law/Civil Rights, Personal Injury- Auto Accidents, Consumer Protection, Class Action, and Antitrust
Lance Baker Attorney

Facing Criminal Charges Successfully

Being accused of a crime is a life-changing experience. The accusation alone can affect your personal and professional relationships; if you are convicted, the situation only gets worse. Even misdemeanor convictions can in some cases limit your career options, your ability to own a gun or your standing in the community.

To prevent a criminal charge from ruining your future, contact The Baker Law Firm. Our founding attorney, Lance K. Baker, understands the critical nuances of criminal law in Tennessee, and he can provide you with the best possible defense. He believes all clients deserve representation that protects their due process rights, even in the most challenging legal circumstances.

We Can Help You Fight Charges Of Felony and Misdemeanor Charge

Whether you have a prior criminal history or are facing your first charge, you can count on The Baker Law Firm to help you maximize your chances for the best possible outcome. Our office regularly handles these types of cases and many more:

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Every day you wait to deal with your criminal charges is a day your defense attorney could have helped you build a strong case for an optimal outcome. We treat all clients with respect and zealously advocate for each individual that walks through our door.  Our firm practices all over East and Middle Tennessee. For an initial consultation, call us at 865-413-3438 or use our confidential online contact form.