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Domestic Assault Defense Lawyer in Knoxville, TN

In Tennessee and across the country, domestic violence is a serious problem. An intimidation or violent act against your spouse or another member of your family could result in severe penalties. Relationships can be destroyed by domestic abuse, but false or exaggerated accusations can also have devastating effects. The Baker Firm helps people and families deal with accusations of domestic violence.

Domestic violence accusations can be scary, stressful, and embarrassing. The Tennessee law takes a hard line against domestic violence, and a conviction can have serious consequences. A domestic violence attorney should be contacted as soon as you become aware you are under investigation for domestic violence. A lawyer should be present when you tell your side of the story to make sure your rights are protected. Additionally, a domestic violence defense lawyer should also be consulted before you answer any questions or sign any documents.

Tennessee Domestic Violence

Domestic assault is the most common domestic violence offense in Tennessee, but other offenses can include:

  • Child abuse, endangerment, or neglect
  • False Imprisonment
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Sex-Based Offenses

The law in Tennessee provides that current or former spouses, romantic partners, or household members would be considered “domestic abuse victims,” as well as those related by blood, marriage, or adoption.

A Trusted Source of Guidance in Complicated Situations

There is a good chance that someone will be arrested when the police respond to a domestic violence incident. In such a situation, Tennessee law encourages officers to arrest the primary aggressor. This is not always the case, and sometimes the wrong person is arrested. There are many communities that have “zero-tolerance” policies, which mean that police are more likely to arrest first and then have the courts figure out the details.

If someone is arrested for domestic violence, it may give the impression that they are actually an abuser. It is our firm’s belief that every individual has a constitutional right to remain innocent until proven guilty, including those facing domestic violence charges. You will be treated with dignity and respect by our team as we fight to protect your rights and future interests.

Family law situations can be volatile, and allegations of domestic violence are not uncommon. Those who perpetrate violence against a spouse or a child should be held responsible. However, many of these accusations are exaggerated or unfounded. When in the middle of a custody battle, a parent may falsely accuse their ex-partner of violence, or stalking. The Baker Firm is prepared to help you defend against false allegations of domestic violence and to take the necessary action to protect your reputation and your future.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with any type of domestic violence offense contact The Baker Law Firm today for a FREE case evaluation and consultation – we serve clients across East and Middle Tennessee. Our Knoxville domestic violence lawyer works for YOU and YOUR RIGHTS!

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